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[house of VALOR.]


Anonymous said: Just do it. Hold hands with anyone that does not have testicles.

[You don’t have to word it that way…but I understand.]

The dare seems innocent enough, really. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Anonymous said: I dare you to grab the hand of another girl and romantically hold hands with her

[…And what dictates the difference between a normal and romantic hand-holding gesture?]

trainer-soul replied to your post: Celty, Celty! Do /you/ have a collar on?


applaudissement-sonique replied to your post: Celty, Celty! Do /you/ have a collar on?

*sigh* Dolos is a pervert.

[Please forget that I asked.]

Anonymous said: Celty, Celty! Do /you/ have a collar on?

[You mean the ones everyone has been seen with recently?]

[No. What are those for, anyway?]

Meme Monday!

Amaimon has Celty’s helmet…again.


When the female rammed him off of the helmet, he took a slight fall backwards, but wasn’t down for long before he got back on his feet. The sudden, violent action wasn’t a surprise to Amaimon. What did come to a surprise to him is that she held out as long as she did. He wanted to see her rage and knew she was capable of it.

“Are you always this rude? I just wanted to play a game with you, since you ruined it the last time.” He knew the exact reason why she was upset, and knew that this wasn’t fun for her at all. It didn’t matter to him though, as long as he was entertained. “I know, join me in the spar room. If you succeed, I won’t take the helmet again.” He said, as he begin taking a few steps forward, blantly reaching for the woman’s helmet once again.

Celty is quick to swat his reaching hands away from her helmet, standing strong between the demon and the object. He still saw all of this as a game?! And now a challenge? …Though, perhaps if she did knock him up a bit, he’d understand to leave her alone. The spar room, huh? She’d have all of her abilities in there. One swift cut with her scythe, and Amaimon would be out cold for a while.


The dullahan can tell he’s not human by now. Then what exactly is he? And would her powers work against him? Only one way to find out, it seems. Celty takes out her PDA.

[Fine. I won’t go easy on you, though.]

She implys a blunt tone as she shoves the device in the Earth King’s face. Of course, the female keeps a tight grip on this precious item as well.


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…Information broker, you say…


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